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Master Counselling and Human Services, Bachelor Education, Diploma Community Services


Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall

Caroline McDougall is a highly qualified and accredited counsellor, psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner, who specializes in process-experiential emotion focused therapy.

Caroline McDougall: Background & Experience

Caroline has 17 years of counselling experience working with individuals and groups in both the public sector and in private settings.

Caroline McDougall Qualifications

She has intensive postgraduate (Masters) training in counselling (Latrobe University) and has undertaken specialized courses in process-experiential emotion focused therapy (AIEFT).

Caroline McDougall : What people are saying

The focus of Caroline’s work is to assist people to develop a sense of mastery over their own lives, by helping them to improve their self-esteem and resilience. Caroline is an experienced facilitator of mindfulness meditation groups, which can be a helpful adjunct to counselling in a journey of holistic recovery. Her personal, empathetic and professional approach emphasizes the importance and the strength of building a trusting relationship with her clients. In this warm, caring environment she will help you to feel safe to undertake a gentle and collaborative process of exploration into personal issues, no matter how small or large they may appear to be.

Caroline McDougallCaroline is committed to individual needs, and this is reflected in her application of a sliding scale. By doing so her services are available to people with diverse individual needs and financial circumstances. In a world of one size this fits, this sets Caroline apart in her truly person-centred approach to practice and helping others.

Caroline McDougall – Specialisations

Caroline specializes in working with adults of all ages. She understands life issues can be challenging at all times in the human life-span. Vital to finding an internal strength and responding to life’s difficulties in a more adaptive way depends upon developing a strong sense of self. Many people travel blindly through life not realizing that the way they feel about themselves generally dates back to the way they are taught to think and feel about themselves during those formative years.

Caroline can help you to find that vital internal growth and change. This is done by a series of tasks and interventions which re-set the brain. By doing so the client will experience very different responses to triggers in one’s internal or external environment. These new responses will in time become natural and spontaneous. Thus there is a much greater ability to make wise choices for your present and future.

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